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Commission Appointments

What are Commissions?

Serving on a Commission is just one way for Los Angeles residents to advise the city’s leadership on different issues such as affordable housing, area planning, transportation, and homeless services. The City of Los Angeles has 54 citizen boards and commissions. Commissions that are created by an ordinance are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council unless the ordinance provides a different method of appointment. Every commission has unique responsibilities but most work as an advisory body to the City’s leadership.


Examples of Commissions:

Board of Water and Power Commissioners, Board of Transportation Commissioners, Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners, Board of Public Works, Board of Police Commissioners, Affordable Housing Commission, Board of Airport Commission, Board of Fire and Police Pension Commission, Planning Commission, Area Planning Commission (South), Board of Building and Safety Commissioners, Board of Library Commissioners, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, and Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


For more information on all commissions please click here. To check for vacancies please refer to the City Clerk Commission Roster.


Please note: if there are no vacancies in the commission of interest candidates may still submit a resume. Candidates will be considered as soon as there is a vacancy.


Qualifications: Applicants should live in Council District 8 with a track record of community involvement and or professional experience with the topic the commission covers. Applicants must be voting residents of the City of Los Angeles and cannot be members of the City Council nor sit on more than one Citywide Board or Commission at a time. Multiple appointments to non-Citywide boards and committees may be allowable.


To Apply: Please submit resume to


Submission timing policy: Applications can be submitted at any time but appointments can only be made when openings become available.