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Clean Streets

bar graph 2015-2018

Decades of systemic disinvestment and neglect from policymakers left our district in dire need of basic city services. Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson launched the Clean and Safe Streets Initiative to focus on bringing residents the infrastructure repair and street beautification needed in City Council District 8. Additionally, he launched a campaign encouraging residents to use MyLA311 to request the services needed in our community and advocate for city resources in our district. This initiative reinforces the councilmembers belief that the issues our community faces requiredcollective effort. After educating the public and increasing 311 complaints, we are begining to see the effects of this work as more resources flow into the district and city services improve.

The initiative has succesfully increased responsiveness from City service providers and improved the quality of services delivered to address the needs of the District. The success of clean streets demonstrates how a coordinated effort with residents, community-based organizations, block clubs, and neighborhood councils to mobilize and educate residents helps create solutions to shared challenges.

The Clean Streets Initiative is an easy way for all residents to help keep our neighborhoods clean and report activities like illegal dumping, bulky items, homeless encampment, pothole repair, graffiti removal, and abandoned vehicles. All CD8 residents are encouraged to join the Clean and Safe Streets Initiative! We need a collective effort to clean up our neighborhoods and use 311 requests to advocate for resources. Become a community partner to lead neighborhood cleanups and train residents on using MyLA311. Call our District Office at 213-485-7616 and get connected to your Field Deputy to learn more.

To report bulky items, illegal dumping, graffiti, or other issues call 311 or use the free MyLA311 app.