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A quality job can change a person, a family, and a community. 

Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson is committed to ensuring Council District 8 residents have access to high-quality careers. Our goals are to:

  • Decrease the unemployment rate 
  • Increase employment opportunities for residents in the Eighth District
  • Increase opportunities for residents to make over $50,000 per year
  • Increase opportunities for Council District 8 residents to access public sector careers

The public sector has historically been a tool to help Black and Brown communities build financial stability. Right now, Destination Crenshaw, new public investments in transportation and infrastructure, and improvements at the Los Angeles International Airport are creating high-paying, public sector jobs across LA. Additionally, the City of Los Angeles needs to hire workers to respond to an increased demand for city services.

Councilmember Harris-Dawson has led, and continues to lead the effort to bring these jobs to the residents of Council District 8, and is using local Targeted-Local-Hire initiatives to ensure projects that serve our district also provide career opportunities to our residents. By focusing on well-paying public sector jobs, we create a stronger economy in South LA and an equitable City that responds to our needs.

Targeted Local Hire Program


Targeted Local Hire Program

Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson is working to remove systemic barriers preventing City Council District 8 residents from accessing public sector careers. The Targeted Local Hire (TLH) program creates an alternative pathway for residents to access career opportunities with the City of Los Angeles without needing to take a Civil Service Exam. 

The program targets residents who may face barriers to employment and have traditionally been excluded from quality public sector careers. Each of the positions in the TLH Program are entry-level, and there are no minimum requirements to apply.

For information on how to apply to the Targeted Local Hire Program and next steps, please see the Application Checklist.

Initial hire is to a Vocational Worker or Office Trainee position, which offers:

  • Full-time employment
  • At least $15.00 an hour
  • Benefits (health, retirement, and commute options)
  • On the job training & development

Applicants need:

  • Interest in a City career pathways 
  • To be deemed "job ready" by one of the TLH Program's Referral Agencies
  • Legal right to work in the U.S.
  • Additional requirements may apply

Bridge to Jobs Program

The Bridge to Jobs program expands on Targeted Local Hire by including two new positions that help residents access careers within the city without requiring a Civil Service exam. View the Bridge to Jobs Information Sheet to read through the qualifications and learn more about these new positions.

 To find out more information including how to to sign up for the Targeted Local Hire or Bridge to Jobs programs, please visit or send an email to

How to Apply

After obtaining an appropriately signed Agency Referral Form, candidates must contact an Application Site to schedule a LA Local Hire Program Orientation & Application Session. During the session, approved candidates will receive an orientation to both programs and submit their online Program Application(s). Applicants without a valid Agency Referral Form or referral code (unique code assigned at the Application Sites) will be disqualified.

To schedule an appointment with a Referral Agency, click here to find the location nearest you.

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Apply for a City Job Today

  • WATER TREATMENT OPERATOR 5885 (REVISED 09-08-22)on September 9, 2022 at 3:33 pm

    ANNUAL SALARY $71,054 to $88,259; $101,288 to $106,926; $103,439 to $109,202; $110,183 to $116,322; $111,436 to $117,658 NOTES: For information regarding reciprocity between the City of Los Angeles departments and LADWP, go to Annual salary is at the start of the pay range. The current salary range is subject to change. Please confirm the starting salary with the hiring department before accepting a job offer. Candidates from the eligible list are normally appointed to vacancies in the lower pay grade positions.  A Water Treatment Operator does skilled work in the operation, regulation, maintenance and repair of equipment used in the treatment of potable water.  NOTE:  Entry-level positions are trainee positions. A Water Treatment Operator in a training position must obtain a T3 (or higher) Water Treatment Operator license and be assigned to a permanent position within three years. A Water Treatment Operator in a trainee position receives extensive on-the-job training, which must be completed prior to assignment to a permanent position. Assignment to the highest pay grade may require higher-grade certification. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT A Water Treatment Operator may be assigned to a night shift or continuous shift requiring 10 consecutive days on shift and 4 days off. Routine assignments will be made to either the Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant or the field operations section of the Water Operations Division. Work locations include the greater Los Angeles and Owens Valley areas. Water Treatment Operators will be required to work with hazardous chemicals. Cal/OSHA Regulations require that all employees engaged in such work must wear a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Therefore, all Water Treatment Operators will be medically evaluated to certify that they are physically able to wear the SCBA and must be free of any facial hair that would impair a good SCBA mask-to-face seal. […]

  • BUILDING MECHANICAL INSPECTOR 4251 (6) (REVISED 06-27-22)on September 8, 2022 at 7:07 pm

    ANNUAL SALARY: $93,897 to $104,671          A Building Mechanical Inspector inspects residential construction of two dwelling units or less, accessory buildings, signs and swimming pools to secure conformance to zoning ordinances, building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes and approved plans, specifications and standards; investigates all complaints and alleged code violations on all buildings; conducts surveys to identify blight, deterioration, and substandard conditions; issues appropriate orders to comply and citations; and assists in training other inspection employees as required. […]

  • BUILDING OPERATING ENGINEER 5923on September 8, 2022 at 2:17 am

    $104,128 (flat-rated) The salary in the Los Angeles World Airports is $107,302 (flat-rated). NOTES:   The current salary range is subject to change. Please confirm the starting salary with the hiring department before accepting a job offer. Some positions may require night and weekend work. Candidates willing to work various shifts are especially desired. Higher salaries are paid for shift work.   A Building Operating Engineer operates, monitors, and performs maintenance on high pressure gas or oil fired boilers, gas or steam turbines, energy recovery boilers and heat exchangers, other heating systems, and their auxiliaries in supplying steam or high temperature hot water for space heating and similar purposes; operates, monitors, and performs maintenance on large tonnage capacity chillers used for air-conditioning, including all auxiliary related equipment such as condensers, cooling towers, pumps, and air compressors; performs water treatment tests and analysis; monitors and maintains other building service equipment; operates and programs computer based building automation systems, trouble-shoot program control sequence of operation, operates and maintains various types of refrigeration and air conditioning air handling units, operates and monitors computer based lighting control systems; responds and investigates building tenant service requests; tests and monitors fire life and safety alarm systems; maintains the building operability while optimizing equipment performance for efficient energy management and energy reduction. […]

For more job opportunities, check out the City's website.